Why You Should Have A Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator


Why You Should Have A Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

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Alright, let’s get down to business. Everyone does it, they book the perfect venue and in the contract most likely you get use of that venues “coordinator” and a lot of brides automatically think that they will be helping to plan their wedding start to finish.  Now, I have great relationships with venue coordinators as they have a very real and important job to ensure that your wedding day goes as perfectly as possible, but I’m here today to tell you (and I’m sure they would all agree) that they are not your wedding planner.  There is definitely a clear difference in the two jobs.  Let’s start out by defining what it is that a venue coordinators role is for your big day and how having a wedding planner and a venue coordinator together is the best way to cut down on the stress of your big day!


A venue coordinator is there for just that, the venue.  They are there to be sure everything that is taking place at that venue is in order.  The venue coordinator has the important job of being sure that all of the lights in the venue are working, the kitchen is ready for the caterer, and will usually handle all of the set-up of tables, chairs, and other pieces that are typically provided by the venue.  They will handle parking logistics and managing venue staff.  If there is something broken in the venue, the venue coordinator will take care of that.  She will direct you to where the bridal suites are, where the groomsmen should get ready, and where the communal area for the families should be.  She knows all about the layout of the venue space and how you and your planner can design within that space. Although she will probably be there for your rehearsal she typically isn’t the one coordinating that.

So that leaves us with the question of how can the venue coordinator work together with the wedding planner like myself effectively to be sure the day goes as smoothly as possible?

Here are a few things to consider:

Venue coordinators will not be helping you book and negotiate with your vendors, creating a wedding design, or keeping your materials or details of the flow of the day in order.  A wedding planner will help you keep your time management and budget to a tee as well as give you design ideas you might have not thought of before.  Wedding planners can work with the venue managers on the layout of the space, to create the atmosphere of your dreams and then work with the other vendors (who she probably referred you to) to make that dream a reality.

Venue coordinators can assist your wedding planners in so many great ways that really take the stress levels down for you as the bride. If you know your venue coordinator is there showing the lighting technicians where the electrical outlets are (which by the way, you should have a plan for this before your wedding day) you know your wedding planner can be with you in a time you might need her assistance.  That groomsmen who left his bowtie at the hotel or the Mother of the Bride that left her corsage sitting in the other room will need to have the wedding planner on hand while the venue coordinator is looking out for just that, the venue.


I truly believe that if you asked any venue coordinator if they would prefer to work with a wedding planner it would be a fast “Yes!” the more eyes on the space and set up the smoother things go!

We would absolutely love to be your wedding planner and we cannot wait to work with your venue in the future! Our focus and vision is on you, so contact us today to grab your date as the calendar will be filling up! You can email us  or hop on over to our website  to check out our full planning and month of services.  Stop by and join our party at our Facebook page as well as on Instagram @Oksocialevents.






Kylie Hubbard, Owner
Social: Oklahoma Wedding and Event Coordination

Oklahoma Wed Workshop

WeddingWorkshopLogoOklahoma Wed Workshop.  Any bride you talk to will tell you that wedding planning is stressful and it’s no cakewalk.  How you react to the stress is key. Knowing what to expect while planning your dream wedding is half the battle.

According to a recent survey of Bridal Guide brides, 40% of couples spend between 13 and 18 months planning their wedding, and over 90% opt to create and organize their big day without the help of coordinators or planners.

Stay tuned….more to come!!

We want to know what Brides’ find most challenging when it comes to wedding planning.

Bringing Our Services To You


We Bring Our Servies To You! Chateau on the Grove is not only a venue, which provides a beautiful outdoor space on a horse ranch; we will also design a wedding at your property that meets your every need. If you have a property, acreage, farm or horse ranch and would like to utilize this space for your big day, we will bring our services to you & arrange all the details. From small backyard intimate wedding ceremonies & receptions to larger affairs, we are your outdoor experts. Whether you desire classic rustic elegance, southern country vintage, traditional, shabby chic, or a look & feel that’s all together unique to your vision, we specialize in creating the perfect experience that fulfills every wish you have for your special day.

Please keep in mind, Chateau on the Grove works with outdoor locations (big & small). This is our expertise, & with over 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, we are able to provide you impeccable service & the vendor resources you need to carry out your big day in a flawless way. The logistics for this type of outdoor wedding will be very different than your average venue, & requires a little more detail, which is why our packages offer an array of essentials required to carry out your special day. We are conscious of your budget & we include only the things we feel are very important & you decide what to add on from there. It is important to hire an expert for outdoor/ranch weddings in order to ensure your day goes smoothly & you have all of the essentials. The opportunities for this type of setting are limitless & beautiful.

We look forward to meeting you & being a part of Your Special Day! Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Leslie & Natalie


All About The Details


Photo by:  BRC Photography

Furniture : Rekindled Vintage Rentals

Gown : The Bridal Boutique

Veil : Bridal Couture Girls

Hair and Make Up : Benita with BRC Photography

When we are preparing for a photo shoot or a wedding we just absolutely swoon over the DETAILS!  When I say swoon I also mean drool. 🙂 From the DIY personable favors, to the vintage lounge furniture, to the veil made from her mothers veil, and the brides accessories….Details are so important. Whether they are DIY or the most pricey adornments. Details tell a story. A story about the couple, the theme, a message, and who each individual is. They represent the union of the couple and who they are as one. The details can show a mix of two cultures, two lives coming together. I always love talking to brides about their details and hearing their story. From the grandmother’s something blue to the DIY favors, they are all just soooo unique to each couple. Details don’t have to be expensive, they are expressive. DIY details are extremely popular, personal and they are made by the hands of those you love and adore. Those details are the priceless, most special and unique details.

So, get immersed in the details, the little things, and express yourself through these. Tell a story. Put thought into how your day represents you and show your guests a unique side of you and your other half. The special details are always remembered.

If you are interested in having some FAB details for your big day or special event, contact the vendors listed above, as they are extremely talented and are all about the details!

Have a great week Friends!

XOXO Natalie and Leslie


Rethink the Tent

Nashan-Photographers-newport-wedding-tentWhen you think of the word “tent,” you might picture a camping tent, wrinkled and dull. You may even picture a large tent, like the kind used for fairs or carnivals, and think, “I would never want that at my wedding!” For this reason, many brides hesitate when their wedding planner or venue recommends a tent for their big occasion. After all, the event is outdoors! Shouldn’t it feel that way?

However, there are several reasons why using a tent for your big day is an option worth considering.

1. Beautiful and elegant

The tents that we use for our wedding are not the ones you might be picturing. Made especially for events just like yours, our tents are simple, understated, and classy. They provide shade and protection for the wedding party and guests without taking away from the flowers, decorations, and all the other things you’ve arranged for your wedding ceremony.

2. Guard against inclement weather

What if there was one magical addition you could have at your outdoor wedding that would guarantee that your wedding day would not be ruined due to weather? Would you do it?

Oklahoma has notoriously unpredictable weather. No matter what time of year you are getting married, there is no guarantee of sunny skies. Wedding tents give you the security of knowing that your day will go off without a hitch, no matter what.

3. The comfort of your guests

Even when the sun is shining, the rays in your eyes and in the eyes of your guests can be a distraction from all the elements of your ceremony that you’ve spent months planning. A tent lets you have the best of both worlds: the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of with shade and protection from weather. A tent will ensure that all guests are happy and comfortable.

Don’t leave it to chance. Make your own luck by using a tent for your outdoor wedding!

Giveaway Celebration

oh beautiful print

Happy Weekend  Lovelys!

We are having a giveaway to celebrate our fans and the Fourth of July. One lucky winner will receive this beauty of a print from the oh so talented Kylie Hubbard of Kylligraphy Lettering. To enter, head on over to our Facebook page.  Please follow the rules shown. The giveaway will run through June 13 at midnight. 

We hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

PS We hope to see you at the OKBride Bridal Show at the Cox Convention Cener in OKC on July 13!  Be there or be square!!

Leslie and Natalie xoxo

Chateau Featured on Ruffled

Photography : Keidra LeJeune Photography

Wow. Just Wow. That is exactly how we feel, and was our reaction to this photo shoot, and our feature (click HERE to see it) on one of the top wedding blogs, Ruffled. Honored, humbled, and just plain Giddy are some other feelings we are having right about now. A glass of celebratory wine is in order. Planning this photo shoot was incredible, but seeing it come to life is absolutely ahhhhmazing!

There is something so wonderful about seeing a photo shoot and inspiration come together so perfectly, and seeing it appear on a blog like Ruffled. It makes your heart skip a beat, and really this is what makes us wake up every day and work harder and harder at our jobs. Our job is to make couples and customers special events unfold perfectly, their dreams of their special day come to life. We live for this. We live to inspire our brides and clients. Whether it be a dinner party, birthday party, wedding or reunion…we live to inspire and share their excitement in planning a special event. We work hard to provide them creative outlets and ideas for their incredibly special days, and provide them a space (venue) to do so. While we only provide a space for rental, that space is not just any space….it tells an incredible story and sets the stage. What we believe to be a gorgeous background, provides a calming atmosphere of romance and peacefulness. Dont you just want to lay in that stunning field of a pecan orchard? We do!


This inspiration shoot took months of planning and a team of incredible vendors.  Leslie Herring Events planned the entire shoot with Keidra LeJeune Photography and Chateau on the Grove, and boy oh boy did she gather some wonderfully amazing talented vendors, whom we love. Leslie Herring came up with a laid back, hipster, and industrial setting with the most perfect details to go with it, and carried it out beautifully! Way to go Leslie.

The weeks leading up to the big day were full of hard work….but most of all full of excitement. All of the vendors worked hard to prepare for this shoot. The day of the shoot went something like this. We all woke up before the roosters, literally. It was a bright and early 4:00 am kind of day. We all arrived at Chateau on the Grove just after 5:00 am to begin setting the scene for this stunning inspiration. The goal was to have it all ready by sunrise so the shooting (by the amazing Keidra LeJeune Photography) could commence. We wanted sunrise pictures, as the light at Chateau on the Grove is incredible, and who doesn’t like to watch the sunrise in the countryside? Even if it means getting up with the chickens. If you haven’t experienced this, we highly recommend it. It is so peaceful, and just serene. Because we shot at sunrise, we thought that a breakfast style buffet, from the amazing Syrup Breakfast boutique, would be the perfect touch! And man did Leslie Herring pull out all the stops for this, soooo unique!


We are absolutely in love with the coffee bar from Mariposa Coffee Roastery! The two lovely models for this shoot are the owners of Mariposa. Marisposa makes their own coffee, which we gladly sampled and LOVED! OMG! Please check out their website, as they not only have tasty coffee but they also have an amazing cause and philosophy, fueled by a passion for social justice, which we adore. Not only are the most personable, heart-warming couple, but so is their business. The bride wore a stunning gown from The Bridal Boutique, and the groom was dressed by Cayman’s.


This photo shoot was full of gorgeous details, from the mimosa bar, to the confetti pops from the Social Club, to the favors from Tulips Home Philosophy, the mix and match ceremony chairs from 405 imports, and the native pillows (from the Social Club). The floral, by the oh-so talented Birdie, was simply amazing as well. Get a load of the drop dead gorgeous bouquet by Birdie!! wowza! And the chandelier and table centerpiece are just as fab! Not to mention the lovely farm table, from Mood Party Rentals. The Farm table sets the scene for this countryside affair and compliments the industrial look extremely well.





 Now, we are absolutely ECSTATIC to share the video done by the amazing Blake Studdard Photography and Videography. The video depicts the beautiful early morning light, and the process of setting up this inspiration shoot, including all the fun details. Blake worked very hard on this video, and was such a delight to work with. He was a trooper, and got to Chateau on the Grove just in time for sunrise. The video captures the light and scenery and it’s just breathtaking. Blake did an amazing job, and the video is incredible. We highly recommend him and enjoyed working with him!

 We were so honored to have worked with all of these amazing vendors and we want to extend A BIG THANK YOU to all of those involved! Every single vendor put a tremendous amount of work into this and we couldn’t be more grateful. What a stunning shoot!

Have a great day!  XOXO Natalie and Leslie


Gender Reveal Party


Now, a common misconception is that Chateau on the Grove only hosts weddings and receptions. Absolutely not ya’ll!! Although we have tons of wedding pretties (pictures) on our website, which can be misleading, we absolutely welcome any special event. We get so excited to hear from someone planning a baby shower, birthday party for the little one, or just any special event. We are in the process of getting some exciting things together to show you other types of events that can be held at Chateau on the Grove. We love inspirations…pictures will come soon 🙂

Chateau on the Grove will host ANY type of event, and we are excited to be involved in the fun happenings of your life, and we want to help you carry out those milestone soiree’s that make life oh-so memorable. Whether it is your friends baby shower, your mom’s birthday party, your sister’s graduation party, your company’s holiday party, or your gender reveal party….we host it all.

Gender reveals are one of our (many) favorite parties to host becuase they are full of so much love and excitement. They bring a sense of a new beginning, a new chapter in life, and a new found happiness between a couple, and a family, that is simply amazing to see. You can see everyone super excited to find out what the baby will be, and the memories they look forward to for a life time with this little one, that will change their lives forever. Its a special milestone, and we have the perfect scenery to host you and your guests. Release balloons in the Grove amonst the trees, or mingle in the Chateau for a reveal party….we have it all. We have some pretty amazing event coordinators we recommend that can really WOW your guests.

Contact us to book your special event! We would love to meet you, and talk to you about your special milestone!

XOXO Natalie and Leslie

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 Photos by BRC Photography & Keidra DeJeune Photography

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