Why You Should Have A Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

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Alright, let’s get down to business. Everyone does it, they book the perfect venue and in the contract most likely you get use of that venues “coordinator” and a lot of brides automatically think that they will be helping to plan their wedding start to finish.  Now, I have great relationships with venue coordinators as they have a very real and important job to ensure that your wedding day goes as perfectly as possible, but I’m here today to tell you (and I’m sure they would all agree) that they are not your wedding planner.  There is definitely a clear difference in the two jobs.  Let’s start out by defining what it is that a venue coordinators role is for your big day and how having a wedding planner and a venue coordinator together is the best way to cut down on the stress of your big day!


A venue coordinator is there for just that, the venue.  They are there to be sure everything that is taking place at that venue is in order.  The venue coordinator has the important job of being sure that all of the lights in the venue are working, the kitchen is ready for the caterer, and will usually handle all of the set-up of tables, chairs, and other pieces that are typically provided by the venue.  They will handle parking logistics and managing venue staff.  If there is something broken in the venue, the venue coordinator will take care of that.  She will direct you to where the bridal suites are, where the groomsmen should get ready, and where the communal area for the families should be.  She knows all about the layout of the venue space and how you and your planner can design within that space. Although she will probably be there for your rehearsal she typically isn’t the one coordinating that.

So that leaves us with the question of how can the venue coordinator work together with the wedding planner like myself effectively to be sure the day goes as smoothly as possible?

Here are a few things to consider:

Venue coordinators will not be helping you book and negotiate with your vendors, creating a wedding design, or keeping your materials or details of the flow of the day in order.  A wedding planner will help you keep your time management and budget to a tee as well as give you design ideas you might have not thought of before.  Wedding planners can work with the venue managers on the layout of the space, to create the atmosphere of your dreams and then work with the other vendors (who she probably referred you to) to make that dream a reality.

Venue coordinators can assist your wedding planners in so many great ways that really take the stress levels down for you as the bride. If you know your venue coordinator is there showing the lighting technicians where the electrical outlets are (which by the way, you should have a plan for this before your wedding day) you know your wedding planner can be with you in a time you might need her assistance.  That groomsmen who left his bowtie at the hotel or the Mother of the Bride that left her corsage sitting in the other room will need to have the wedding planner on hand while the venue coordinator is looking out for just that, the venue.


I truly believe that if you asked any venue coordinator if they would prefer to work with a wedding planner it would be a fast “Yes!” the more eyes on the space and set up the smoother things go!

We would absolutely love to be your wedding planner and we cannot wait to work with your venue in the future! Our focus and vision is on you, so contact us today to grab your date as the calendar will be filling up! You can email us  or hop on over to our website  to check out our full planning and month of services.  Stop by and join our party at our Facebook page as well as on Instagram @Oksocialevents.






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